Is Your Accountant Providing You With True Value?

As any good business owner knows, a fundamental pillar of sound financial management is the efficient utilization of pre-tax dollars. navancorp is a national service provider that offers Private Health Spending Plans to cover your corporation’s employee’s medical, dental and health benefits.

We adhere to Canada Revenue Agency rules and guidelines, allowing you to have your corporation cover the costs of a wide variety of health-related expenses, with no premiums or ongoing account maintenance fees, saving you considerable time and money.

If you are incorporated, pay taxes and have medical/dental expenses, a navancorp PHSP may be right for you. Even if you have existing coverage through a spouse/partner plan, our PHSP offering can help you keep more of your money in your pocket by covering expenses that are not covered by your other plan, including the co-pay amounts and costs which may go above your current annual maximums.

There are not any age limits, health assessments or restrictions based upon pre-existing conditions. A PHSP just makes good sense. You can visit our website for more information including answers to frequently asked questions, details on the claim process and other pertinent information. Ask your accountant if a PHSP is right for you and feel free to reach out to us directly should you have any questions. We can arrange a telephone call at your convenience. If your accountant has not discussed PHSP’s with you, it is time to ask them why not.

You pay enough in taxes, it is time to more effectively manage your pre-tax dollars by taking advantage of a Private Health Spending Plan. We offer quick claim processing, validation of compliance with CRA guidelines, free annual reporting, direct deposit and a competitive per-claim fee. Contact us today and take the first step towards enhanced financial management, leading to more money for you and your family.

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