The Federal Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) Transition: Will it impact my navancorp PHSP?

As one of Canada’s largest private healthcare plans, the Public Service Healthcare Plan (PSHCP) plays a crucial role in meeting the diverse needs of the Canadian public sector workforce. The upcoming transition from Sun Life to Canada Life as the plan’s administrator comes with significant updates. For those covered by this plan (whether a pensioner or active member), it is important to understand how your benefits will change. 

Transition to Canada Life

On July 1, 2023, the administration of PSHCP will move from Sun Life to Canada Life, marking an essential change for plan members. During this phase, members of this plan must complete a positive enrollment form and authorize the release of personal information. Click here to read more about how you can best prepare. 

The PSHCP transition to Canada Life comes with a number of improvements to the depth and breadth of your coverage. Some amendments include:  

  • Occupational therapist covered up to $300 per year with no prescription required. 
  • The PSHCP mental health COVID-19 temporary measures will become permanent. 
  • An increased benefit for an Osteopath from $300 to $500 per calendar year. 
  • Acupuncture is now covered, up to $500 per year with no prescription required.

With expanded coverage options, improved access to services, and cost savings, PSHCP plan members can enjoy wide-ranging healthcare support tailored to the needs of them and their families. 

Coordination of Benefits

A key aspect to consider during the shift is the coordination of benefits. PHSCP members can coordinate their benefits with other private plans they may have. 

Note: If you have access to a Canadian Private Health Spending Plan, the automated coordination of benefits is not possible. So for this question when shifting to the new provider, your response should be “No”. This does not mean that you are missing out on any cost savings, there is just an extra step to reach the same end result.

Getting the Best of Both

Suppose your situation has coverage through the PSHCP and a navancorp PHSP. In that case, you will submit your eligible expenses  through Canada Life first to receive benefit, then submit the uncovered portion to navancorp for reimbursement of the remainder. 

Here’s an example:

Sarah works for the Federal Government and is a member of the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP).  Sarah’s partner has a navancorp Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) that can also cover incurred medical expenses.

Sarah visits a physiotherapist for a persistent back pain issue. The clinic charges $200 for the appointment. Since Sarah has coverage through the Public Service Healthcare Plan, she submits a claim for reimbursement. With the proper documentation and eligibility, Sarah’s reimbursement is as follows: 

Specialist Consultation Expense $200.00
PSHCP Coverage of Specialist Fees 80%
Total Reimbursement  $160.00


Sarah, through her partner’s navancorp PHSP, is able to receive reimbursement for the remaining $40 that was not covered through her Federal Government plan. 

Sarah simply provides the Statement of Benefit claim assessment from Canada Life to navancorp, along with a completed claim form, and subsequently receives the remainder of the reimbursement.  

An Added Bonus: Your Private Health Spending Plan and Your PSHCP Premiums

With a navancorp Private Health Spending Plan, you can claim any premiums paid to a private medical/dental insurer, including the PSHCP! The Private Health Spending Plan member simply provides navancorp with a paystub or pension statement showing the amount of the premium paid to the other medical/dental insurer and is eligible to receive 100% reimbursement.

Maximize Coverage and Reduce Overall Expenses

With a navancorp PHSP, you keep more money in your pocket by recouping eligible medical and dental expenses not covered by your other plan. You work hard for your money, navancorp will maximize tax efficiencies with respect to you and your family’s  health costs – all the while protecting your  bottom line. 

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